Private CAOHC Course
Private/In-House CAOHC Training

Simplify Your Team's Certification Process with an On-Site Course

The cornerstone of your hearing conservation program is the ability of your conservationists to accurately evaluate the hearing of your workforce, properly document STSs and educate employees on how to prevent hearing loss. Our on-site, private CAOHC courses keep your team current with CAOHC certifications and OSHA standards and best practices.

Our Doctors of Audiology (AuDs) present private in-house training, enabling companies to certify (and re-certify) all their staff at one-time, on-site to minimize travel disruptions and costs.

  • Initial Training & Certification
  • Refresher Training & Recertification

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Course Information & What To Expect

  • History and Standards

    History of noise regulations
    OSHA occupational standard
    ADA accommodation
    Audiometer calibration and requirements for test booths

  • Standard Threshold Shift (STS) identification and follow-up
    Hearing Protection attenuation, fitting and monitoring
    Recordkeeping and OSHA 300 logging

  • Anatomy and physiology of the ear
    Effects of noise on hearing
    Manual and automatic testing
    Sound measurement and noise exposure

  • Medical referral criteria
    Counseling of associates
    Workers' compensation