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Mobile Hearing Conservation Services

Mobile hearing testing vanMobile hearing testing is conducted by CAOHC-certified audiometric technicians under the supervision of certified and licensed Occupational Audiologists—true experts in hearing conservation. Our custom-built vans are clean, quiet, and very high-tech!

Mobile Testing Services Locations

* For testing outside of the area shown here, please call (888) WPI-0001.


bullet Hearing Test Only

Hearing testing is conducted with up to four employees seated in our quiet two-person sound booths. State-of-the-art microprocessor audiometers transfer test results into Workplace Applications software to produce instant Hearing Test Notification reports in either English or Spanish.

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bullet Employee Notification

Immediately following each test, a Hearing Test Notification is printed—one for the employer and one for the employee at the employer’s discretion. Employee signatures are secured to document notification of test results. Standard Threshold Shift notification is instant—not days or weeks later!

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bullet Annual Training

Good training is vital to hearing loss prevention! An OSHA/MSHA-compliant hearing conservation training video is presented to the employee while on the test van. The audio portion is presented under headphones in either English or Spanish as appropriate. Documentation of completed training is provided to the employer.

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bullet Hearing Protection Fit Training

Technician will demonstrate the proper technique/procedure for insertion and removal of hearing protection.

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bullet Mobile Hearing Testing Pricing Schedule

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Workplace INTEGRA will update your database with employee demographics submitted in electronic format. Printing correct information on hearing test records facilitates OSHA-compliance.

An up-to-date database also allows us to provide accurate reports to the employer stating not only who was tested, but also who remains to be tested after the mobile unit departs.  These persons may be tested after the mobile unit leaves in order to meet OSHA’s annual testing requirement.

Please contact the for more information on this valuable service provided by Workplace INTEGRA at no cost.

Interior of mobile hearing testing van

interior of mobile hearing testing van

workstation in mobile hearing testing van

workstation in mobile hearing testing van

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