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HT Pro Mobile

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What do you get with HT Pro Mobile software?


Office-based software (the Hub) and mobile software systems allow for maximum flexibility and scalability. Send your mobile units their own managed databases. Your office Hub software can dispatch and retrieve testing data to and from the mobile testing units from your office, without disruption of service at the Hub or Mobile Testing Unit.

testing vanFEATURES


Additional modules available for multi-phasic operations:
track pulmonary, medical results and much more
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bullet iMobile

A turn-key software and review solution for companies in the hearing conservation business

You’ll get:

Everything HT Pro Mobile offers (see list above)


Your choice of hearing test review methods:

1—Access to our in-house proprietary review system that enables your audiologist or physician to review audiograms from anywhere in the world


2—Review of audiometric data by our staff of occupational audiologists

With the extensive list of features, iMobile is the solution that will enable you to get started, grow your business, or migrate to a fully comprehensive mobile hearing conservation business!

For more information on the most technically advanced hearing conservation software and services program on the market, for a complimentary demo and/or a custom quote.

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Need a turn-key system?

Choose our iMobile option and get:

bulletOnline access for your own audiologist


bulletWPI complete audiologist review services

Ambient Noise Monitor

Hardware Compatible with HT Pro Mobile

  • Tremetrics RA 650 Group Testing Audiometer
  • Monitor Instruments MI3000, MI 5000B
  • Earscan ESAM
  • Benson CCA 200 Mini

Sample screens from HT Pro Mobile
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testing screenshot

demographics screen shot

audio screen shot

sample notification report
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