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The following questionnaire will address Workplace Integra services, software, equipment, and training

  1. How loud is the Noise? Does your facility have areas that are 85 dBA or more? Based on the OSHA Noise Standard, companies with employees exposed to 85 dBA TWA (Time Weighted Average) for 8 hours or more are required to have a Hearing Conservation Program.

    Not Sure

  2. Does your company need an updated or initial Area Sound and/or Dosimetry Study? (Area sound measurements done with a sound level meter. Dosimeters are placed on the employee and Time Weighted Average data is collected).


  3. How is your company handling the annual OSHA required Hearing Tests?

    Do not need a program, or are already a client
    We are interested in an in-house testing program
    We are interested in mobile testing
    We are looking to change from mobile to in-house or in-house to mobile
    We use a mobile company and/or a clinic
    We test in-house using audiometric equipment
    Nothing yet, we need assistance

  4. Do you need Professional Review Services by an Occupational Audiologist? The annual hearing tests need to be reviewed by a Physician or Occupational Audiologist.

    Not Sure

  5. Do you need any hearing or pulmonary testing equipment / audiometric or pulmonary software?

    Yes - Software
    Yes - Equipment
    Yes - Software and Equipment
    No, but I do need my audiometer calibrated
    Maybe, would like more information

  6. Check all equipment needed

    Hearing testing Booth
    Bio-Acoustic Simulator

  7. Do you or an associate need a CAOHC Training Class? Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation’s 20-hour Initial Certification class, or 8-hour Recertification class?

    8-hour Recertification Class
    20-hour Initial Certification Class
    We have more than 5 associates who conduct hearing testing, we need an on-site quote

  8. Do you or an associate need a NIOSH Approved Training class? National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health’s 16-hour Initial Certification class or 8-hour Recertification class?

    8-hour Recertification Class
    16-hour Initial Certification Class
    We have more than 5 associates who conduct spirometry, we need an on-site quote

  9. Are you interested in Fit Testing for hearing protection?

    Not Sure, What's that?

  10. Do you need software for tracking data on injuries, illnesses, incidents, OSHA logs, Visit Notes, Pulmonary Function test results, Hearing test results, Surveillance items, or FMLA?

    Not sure, can I get more information?
    I am a PSP (Professional Service Provider) who is interested in Mobile software, equipment or both, can someone contact me.


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