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Hearing Conservation

In-House Employee Health Testing

Are you considering “In-House” audiometric or pulmonary testing?

Companies choosing to do their own hearing tests and/or pulmonary function tests have special needs.  When it comes to hearing and spirometry tests, how a company chooses to operate its in-house testing program will determine the effectiveness and quality of that program, and the ease with which the program is managed.

For three decades, the professionals at Workplace INTEGRA have assisted companies to design and manage their in-house testing programs.  Our goal is to help you achieve top-quality results, flexibility, and excellent economic value.

We do have companies testing 100% in-house or a combination of mobile testing and in-house.  Your choice!

Here is what you will need to establish an in-house testing program:

Bullet Hearing Tests

Hearing Booth

IAC 252 Series Mini Sound Shelter

Used-to-new price range: $1,750- $7,000


Monitor MI-5000 audiometer

New price range: $1,595 to $3,100.00

Bioacoustic Simulator

bioacoustic simulator

New price range: $495 to $550


  • Hearing Protectors—earplugs and earmuffs
  • Otoscope
  • A method to provide hearing conservation training.  This can be accomplished by using a video, personal one-on-one training, group training, or a combination of the above

On-going needs as required by OSHA

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Bullet Pulmonary Tests


easy-one spirometer

Used to new price range: $2,100 to $2,900


  • Calibration Syringe
  • Spirettes (prices depend on Spirometer)


On-going needs as required by OSHA

Professional oversight of the test results

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Bullet Software

Though hearing tests and pulmonary function tests can be completed without software, a well-designed software system is critical to managing the program in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  Using Workplace Applications software will help you:

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Bullet Elements of a Top-Tier Program

Please call us at 1-888-WPI-0001 to discuss your specific needs and how we may assist you.

What does it take to have a top-tier program?  Each of the elements below play a role.  Click on the individual links to learn more. 

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