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Hearing Conservation

Hearing Conservation Services

Workplace INTEGRA provides comprehensive "one-roof" occupational hearing conservation services to industry. We supply all services and equipment necessary to create and/or maintain your hearing conservation program.

We take a fresh approach to the hearing conservation industry by combining the latest technology with our extensive experience, taking customer satisfaction to a new level.

Hearing services include:

Bullet Audiometric Consulting and Program Management

Workplace INTEGRA provides audiological surveillance for industrial hearing conservation programs using our proprietary review software for in-house testing programs, in plant, clinic and mobile van settings. An occupational audiologist consultation can provide a comprehensive OSHA compliance review of your hearing conservation program and recordkeeping functions. This includes reviewing noise control documentation, signage posting, conducting/reviewing noise surveys technician certifications, equipment calibrations, hearing protection inventory, annual education, and OSHA 300 Logging.

The Hearing Test Review gives the clients a precise report of problem audiograms and standard threshold shifts. In addition, the reviews provide required medical referrals and OSHA recordability determinations.

Our Doctors of Audiology (AuDs) provide quality audiological surveillance on all incoming hearing evaluations nationwide. Our professional services are committed to promptly analyzing and presenting consistent disposition on all audiological evaluations.

By utilizing our efficient occupational audiological services we become an integral part of your hearing conservation program, helping to ensure your commitment in providing the best hearing healthcare to your employees. The professional relationship between your facility and our occupational audiologists will prove to be a time- and cost-effective measure for your company.

OSHA 300 Logging Review: A complete on-site review of all possible OSHA 300 logging for hearing loss is available.

Employee Education Programs: We provide assistance with or will conduct on-site programs as required by the Noise Standard.

Hearing Protection Evaluation and Recommendations: An evaluation of protectors, their usage, distribution, training, and cost-effective options is available.

Employee Follow-up and Counseling after Testing: Audiologists are available to meet with employees to complete required notifications, medical referrals, and/or hearing protection fitting and education.

Workers' Compensation: Evaluation of workers’ compensation cases is available. Knowledge of hearing impairment, causes of hearing loss, individual state workers’ compensation laws and formulas for awarding compensation is invaluable in resolving the disposition of each case.

ADA Recommendation/Evaluations: The evaluation of handicap, assistance with ADA requirements, and assistance with accommodation is available.

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Bullet Noise Surveys and Dosimetry Studies

Initial Determination Sound Survey: This is an extensive initial documentation of sound levels throughout the facility. As a result of this survey, a report is developed which includes these readings and a Summary of Noise Exposure, as well as discussion and steps for OSHA compliance. If dosimetry studies are conducted during this study, a Summary of Dosimetry Studies is presented and discussed in the report. If dosimetry is not conducted at the time of the survey, jobs/areas requiring personal sampling devices are identified.

Area Sound Survey: This type of survey is used primarily to update previously conducted, more detailed sound surveys. Area readings may document changes in noise levels affecting employee exposures. The report shows detailed readings for jobs/areas surveyed and an updated Summary of Estimated Noise Exposure.

Dosimetry Studies: Personal sampling devices (noise dosimeters) are placed on selected individuals at the beginning of a shift and are removed at the end. Detailed readings of dosages and exposure levels are recorded.

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