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Audiometric Testing Equipment


Monitor Instruments MI-3000

One audiometer, two distinct versions, offers versatility and ease-of-use at a lower price

Monitor Instruments MI-3000The MI-3000 Standard Version
The standard MI-3000 audiometer is an economical, manually operated audiometer that tests frequencies from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz, including standard inter-octave frequencies. It is small and light enough to be portable, yet large enough to provide easy access and operation of all audiometer controls.

The MI-3000 Plus Version
In addition to the standard features, the MI-3000 Plus is compatible with Workplace Applications software.


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Monitor Instruments MI-5000B

Monitor Instruments MI-5000B The MI-5000B Series II Microprocessor Audiometer is one of the lowest-priced field serviceable microprocessor audiometers available today. It administers computerized tests securing valid, reliable data quickly and cost effectively. It is very easy to understand and use, and can be used either alone, or interfaced with an external printer or computer. Interface settings can be changed by the operator. Tones are generated and controlled entirely by digital circuits, allowing output levels of the MI-5000B to be adjusted by through secured keyboard entry. The LCD display simultaneously shows all thresholds established for both ears, as well as on-going test conditions.


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SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer

The SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer uses the latest technology to deliver quick and accurate audiograms via an extremely easy-to- use touchscreen with an intuitive icon interface. Gone are the days of “cheat sheets” and having to memorize multiple key functions—now you can simply sit down and use it!


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Noise Monitors

Ambient Noise Monitor

ANM-2 Ambient Noise MonitorThe ANM-2 ambient noise monitor displays the levels in real time, in real numbers, at octave bands as required by OSHA. 125Hz and 250Hz octaves are optional. When connected to a Microsoft Windows®-based computer via an available USB port, the ANM-2 becomes a Type 2 Sound Level Meter with a Class II Octave Band Filter.

Microphone Options The ANM-2 is available with either an economy or professional class microphone. The economy microphone is adequate for OSHA compliance, with a noise floor at approximately 30 dB at 500 and 1000Hz, while the professional class microphone has a noise floor of approximately 9-12 dB at 500 and 1000Hz.


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Calibration Monitors


MI-300 calibration monitorThe MI-300 Calibration Monitor performs a quick and efficient daily biological calibration check of your audiometer, as required by OSHA. Its lightweight and durable construction will insure years of trouble-free operation.


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D-Check Bio-Acoustic Simulator

Smart Tone bioacoustic simulatorThe D-Check Bio-Acoustic Simulator performs dependable daily calibration checks of the SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer, and can be used for OSHA, MSHA, or DOT hearing programs.

Because the D-Check is powered by the SMART TONE audiometer, there is no need to worry about battery life. This advanced design simplifies the daily check and offers greater reliability and repeatability.


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Tremetrics Oscar 6 Electro-Acoustic Ear

tremetrics oscar acoustic earAlways insures the validity of your hearing conservation program by checking audiometer test accuracy daily. With the portable OSCAR 6 Electro-Acoustic Ear, the operator simply places the earphones on the color-coded couplers and conducts a hearing test. The resulting data provides a permanent, legally acceptable running log to establish that the audiometer is "in calibration." The reliable OSCAR works equally well with manual, automatic and microprocessor audiometers.

When used with Tremetrics audiometers, the unit performs an accelerated test which speeds up compliance with the OSHA required daily functional check.


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Sound Rooms

Tremetrics AR 940 Mini Sound Room

Tremetrics AR 940 Mini Sound RoomThe AR940 Mini Sound Room is designed to allow flexibility in any setting. It can be quickly changed to attain a right or left hand arrangement. The transformation can be accomplished without any disassembly of components, without any tools, by any member of your staff.

The AR940 Mini Sound Room is appropriate for hearing health professionals, industrial monitoring, mobile test vans, and more. Outside dimensions 36” wide x 41” Depth x 75.5 “ Height – Weight 800 lbs. Download brochure for additional specifications.


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How much protection is this worker receiving?  Is it enough?

INTEGRAfitFinally, a real-world solution to earplug fitting and training that can significantly improve the effectiveness of the hearing conservation program:  Stop guessing and measure it with INTEGRAfit!

INTEGRAfit is a hardware/software solution for the actual measurement of earplug noise reduction as the worker actually wears his earplugs.

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