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Equipment Sales

Equipment Accessories


3-foot patch cable

3-Foot Stereo Response Cord
Monitor MI300-Bio-Acoustic Simulator response cord, mini 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch

6-foot stereo patch cable

6-Foot Stereo Patch Cable

Sound booth patch cord 1/4 inch

phone plug

Phone Plug

1/4 inch to 1/8 inch mini for INTEGRAfit iPad

RS232-communication cable

RS232 Communication Cable

Runs from audiometer to computer.

Earscan headset cables

* Headset Cables

Specify TDH39 or TDH49

Sewell USB-to-serial port converter

Sewell USB-to-Serial Port Converter

USB to RS232

3-foot patch cable

3-Foot Response Cord

Bio-Acoustic Simulator response cord for Quest BA201-202t


Green headset

"Greens" Headset for INTEGRAfit

This headset works with the INTEGRAfit MI3000IA Unit

Monitor Headset

INTEGRAfit Headset

Designed for use with the INTEGRAfit iPad® App

Monitor Headset

* Monitor Instruments Headset

Specify TDH 39 or TDH 49

Tremetrics Headset

* Tremetrics Headset TDH39

Monitor TDH29

* Headset Element

Specify THD 39 or TDH 49



* Replacement of a TDH 39 / TDH 49 element or full headset with elements will require calibration of the audiometer.

Tremetrics headband

Tremetrics Headband

Monitor headband

Universal Headband

Ear cushions

Universal Ear Cushions



Monitor Response Button

Monitor Instruments Response Button

tremetrics Hand Switch

Tremetrics Hand Switch


Jack panel

Jack Panel for Sound Booth

Specify make and model.

Signature Topaz

Signature Topaz

USB Topaz T-LBK462 Signature Gem 1x5 Signature pad (Model LBK-462-HSB-R) for use with Workplace Applications software

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