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Workplace Applications: Occupational Health and Safety Software

Audiometric Surveillance Software Module

Workplace Applications Audiometric Surveillance software module is a full-featured audiometric software program for workplace testing and analysis. It includes functions for hearing conservation scheduling, testing, reporting, monitoring, and tracking. Electronic data transfer to our Workplace INTEGRA audiometric review system results in a fast turn-around time for our professional audiometric review service.

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Hearing conservation software

Hearing conservation software

Hearing conservation software

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Hardware Compatible with Workplace Applications:


Monitor Instruments MI-5000
Monitor Instruments MI-3000
Monitor Instruments MI-7000
Benson Next
Benson CCA-mini
Earscan ES-AM
Earscan 3
Maico MA 800
Micro Lab
SMART TONE Automatic
Tremetrics RA 500
Tremetrics RA 650
Tremetrics RA 660
Tremetrics RA 800


NDD EasyOn-PC 
NDD EasyOne
Puritan Bennett PB 100*
Puritan Bennett PB 700*
Spirometrics SMI III
Welch Allyn SP-10

If you don’t see your audiometer or spirometer listed, please

* These spirometers may still communicate with WPA software, but are no longer supported by WPI software support department.

What Workplace Applications users are saying:

"We have seven HR/Medical stations using Workplace Applications at A&E, and all users are extremely pleased with the Workplace Applications system. It is very user-friendly and provides numerous useful reports. The demographic reports are useful not only for medical recordkeeping but for HR reporting, DOL, EEOC, etc. I especially like the attendance module. We are totally dependent on it to track our leave of absences. Your system also met the approval of our HIPAA compliance attorney for confidential medical recordkeeping. Your staff has been very healthful as we went through the learning curve of a new program."

—American & Efird


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